My Favorite Pics

This is a collection of some of my favorite shots over the years.

This is my first Jade knife made of (16") Yukon "Snow" jade from my friend Roger's mine. Brazilian Rosewood Handle and Abalone inlay, tons of challenges and fun. Love the way it turned out, insane polish
Drew and daughter Brooke sharing a day of jade hunting in Big Sur
This 77lb. ocean Polished slick was stuck way back in a small cave in 35ft of water, I had to dig myself into to get. The cave roof turned off my air but got out in time to emergency surface then re-group, turn air back on and complete recovery. Un-real piece
Yeah it was worth it
  Drew Arnold Carving Big Sur Jade
Really love working with the jade. Always learning new ways to work with the tools which makes each piece a new adventure. Amazing how time flies while at the bench
I often have to build my own tools that will serve a specific purpose. I built this sink grinder about 5 years ago so that I could polish big gallery pieces. I have put in over 2,000 hours on this machine and it is still going strong. Love this machine and took the pic during construction because I knew it would never look this clean again.
Some dude comes by our booth with this Bearded Dragon, put it on a 16lb. gem and there he stayed the rest of the day digging his Jade hot rock. Something you don't see every day, eh?.
Blue and Black .... affectionately knows as "Drew's Brain"
Brooke took this pic which depicts my usual dives, by myself. This particular pic was at dawn, over cast, late summer and at a place that requires a long surface swim over drop-offs. Doesn't look like much but for those of you who watch "Shark Week", you understand what this pic represents. My adrenaline is pumping right here.
Drew Arnold Shark
Never know what you are going to find underwater!
Drew Arnold Shark
Even baby Whitey Bites!
Drew Arnold 10" Abalone
Will someone please help me get this thing off!?!? Took a break from jade diving to head north and scored a 10.1" Trophy Red Abalone. 4.5 lbs of very tasty ab steaks, makes for great Breakfast Burritos.
Oceans Art Jade Whale Photo
10 minutes away in Avila Bay, a pod of Humpback Whales corralled a huge bait ball of anchovies and spent the middle 2 weeks of August feeding and putting on quite a show very close to shore. No one can ever remember this happening before in this location so I took advantage of the opportunity to hang out with these beautiful animals in my 12.5 inflatable. 40hrs on the water allowed us to be able to identify each individual, log their behaviors and yielded some very close passes and great photos.
Big Sur Jade Divers, past and present Drew Arnold and Ernie Porter like Nugottus Azul
At a recent show, Jade Diving legend Ernie Porter came by the booth for a visit. A member of the Salvage divers hall of fame his exploits rank him as the "Paul Bunyon" of salvage divers. Ernie began diving for jade in the 50s and still gets that twinkle in his eye whenever he sees a gem or when telling one of his amazing stories. A great man and a great time.