Big Sur


Big Sur showing its nasty side. 25ft and bone chilling cold
Storms like this hit the Central Coast every year turning deep blue water into frothing white water with unpredictable currents
Reefs that have rarely been seen showed well during this 2010 storm
These cliffs are over 100 feet high, check out the wave exploding over the point.
Moderate to heavy winds are usually the norm on the Central Coast but on this rare day, the diver taking this picture is extremely lucky
However, with calm conditions and at dawn it just figures it would Mr. White's favorite time to lurk.
When it is good to go ..... you go.
And hopefully the sea will offer up a bounty for the day that can be shaped and polished into "Ocean Art Gems". Note the white water in the background. Although the dive began in almost perfect conditions, wind, tide and swell can change conditions in a matter of minutes. I did not do a second dive this day.
This was a really good day
This was a REALLY good day!