Oceans Art Jade

Jade Gallery Pieces
Jade Gallery Pieces

  Oceans Art Jade artisans create one of a kind pieces from fine jewelry/carvings to natural sculptures fit for any gallery or room focal point. Jade from all over the world is used in these creations however, much of our Jade is harvested from the ocean off of the California coast by divers and is believed to be the only source of ocean polished jade in the world.

Each piece of Jade is crafted from start to finish by the hands of a single artist as no production methodology or processes are incorporated into the creation.   Great care is taken to maintain the stone’s natural shape whenever possible which enhances the uniqueness of each piece.

Folded Jade Carving1
Big Sur Blue Jade Carving — “Folded Jade”

Jade has been highly sought and revered for thousands of years by cultures all over the world and has been labeled ” the Stone of Heaven”. The Chinese have carved Nephrite Jade for over 5,000 years and Jadeite (imported from Burma) for the relatively short length of time of 200 years. Nephrite and Jadeite are chemically different materials but both are highly translucent and are indeed Jade according to the original Chinese meaning of the word “Yu”.


2014 World Jade Symposium “Audience Choice” award runner up. “Wedding Blades” by Drew Arnold


Today the world wide Jade market is a multi-billion dollar business and many of today’s gems find themselves artificially altered by dye, radiation or other means to enhance the color thereby increasing the value of the stone.




You can be assured that every stone offered at Oceans Art Jade has been harvested or hand selected by myself (Drew Arnold) and is as mother earth made it with no man made enhancements.

Drew Arnold Dives for Jade
Drew Arnold at the end of a dive shows his Jade. Pure, “Gem quality” and fit for the finest jewelry.

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