Friends of Oceans Art Jade

             Friends of Oceans Art Jade

Drew Jade Nuggotus Azul


Oceans Art Jade acknowledges its responsibility within the Jade Community to continue to promote, educate and inform all those who seek the “stone of Heaven”.  The contingent of US Jade carvers/collectors/enthusiasts is a relatively small but growing, close knit group of artists that promote many of each others sites and products. Please feel free to browse through my friends links:

Jade – A fellow jade hunter, World Class Free diver and spear gunner, Artist, show partner and great friend.                

Big Sur Jade Festival – Where over 50 vendors and artist from all over the world gather each year in the heart of Big Sur to buy, sell, trade, teach and “bro down”.                                                             

Friends of Jade – Where jade artists and lovers of the stone teach, learn, share ideas and experiences.                                      

Jade Society (Facebook) – Join the growing member list and speak with some of the worlds finest carvers and hunters of Jade through this group forum.

Yukon Jade – Roger is a great friend that has been hooked on jade for over 20 years and his Yukon claim produces some of the finest jade in the world.

Matthew Glasby – Matthew is at the forefront of contemporary Jade Carving on the Central Coast and is quietly becoming known through out the world for his meticulous style of work. One of my inspirations, please check out his beautiful creations at