Mason Kay Jade Trunk Show


Mason Kay, the leading US dealer in Burmese Jadeite came to town last week and I took in the show. Mason Kay Jade is a family owned business out of Colorado and has been around for about 30 years.

Was the first one there so got to spend about an hour with Leor Kay (very nice guy) talking about the Jadeite markets and Jade in general. Very educational and some of the most beautiful jade I have ever seen. Check out the pics of some of their work. For more you can go to the Mason Kay website at  …. enjoy the pics.

Green Burmese Jadeite Beads
Thick and oblong Grey/Black Nephrite Bangle
Jadeite Bangles, the dark one is Chinese Nephrite, looks like New Zealand or BC Jade
Not quite imperial but close, yours for only $64,000.00
Lavender Jadeite and black beads, beautiful
This is what they call "Honey" or amber Jadeite. From the rind similar to Big Sur Vulcan properties but highly translucent.
Insane Lavender and "ice" jade necklace.
Lavender, green, amber and ice jadeite beads
The carving on the Lavender center piece is awesome
Lavender and black "Pi" disk necklace
Australian Black Nephrite Bangle
Super thin Lavender Jadeite earrings
Green Burmese Jadeite set in stainless steel.
Carved Lavender Jadeite bangle. Insane
Lavender Jadeite Pendant
Brilliant emerald green jadeite pendant
This is what they call "ice" jadeite. Super clear and a fantastic polish
Many thanks to Leor Kay for spending time with me and talking jade. Yes I am holding the egglet.