Gallery Piece Progression

This sequence depicts the journey of a jade boulder found on the ocean floor of Big Sur from its recovery to the work performed to bring it to final polish fit for the focal point of any Art Gallery.

Drew Arnold struggles to bring a 120lb boulder to shore.
With the stone high and dry, Drew makes preparations to transport across the rocks and up the cliff
The cliff is 120 feet high, the stone is 120lbs. and I've been working since dawn. It was dark by the time I got it to the car, est. time to recover 15 hrs.
Stone is home and this is the moment of truth. Is there a gem under all that nasty rind or did I just break my tail for nothing.
Oh Baby! Sweet, gemmy sky blue in there. You will now be known as "Nuggotus Azul".
Nuggotus Azul proved to be a difficult piece as fractures and chipping to the rind cost almost 35lbs of wasted material. I polished this chip to see what the remaining 88lbs would look like.
Finally finished the rough grind
After 40hrs. the sanding is done. Now I am looking at another 40 hours of polishing.
World meet Nuggotus Azul. 82lbs finished and took a fantastic polish. Blue/Black and Olive, incredible patterns in the matrix.
Nuggotus Azul, a good look at the matrix.
Nuggotus Azul polish
15 hrs of back breaking recovery and 80hrs of work to bring it to final polish ..... yeah, it was worth it.