Jade Massage Stone Therapy

Jade Massage Stone Therapy

Because Jade is a “touch” stone, it naturally makes an outstanding tool for Hot or Cold stone therapy massage.

Jade Massage Stones
Finished Jade Massage stone tools

Jade Type 

Oceans Art Jade Massage Stone Tools are made from Big Sur Jade which is Nepherite Jade. Nepherite Jade is comprised of 4 basic elements, Magnesium, Calcium, Iron and Silica. Iron and Silica are outstanding conductors of heat.

Nephrite will cool, warm or heat to the ambient temperature and maintain that temperature for an unusually long time. Chumash Indians used Big Sur Jade to cook with and also used it to place it in their bed rolls for heat at night.

Jade Shape

I have worked/consulted with Massage Therapists and developed tools with multiple radiused edges to address both large and small muscle groups. These are not just stones found on the ground or tumbled, they are hand shaped pieces on diamond wheels to create shapes that will not only fit the patient’s muscle groups but to create increased leverage and reduce hand fatigue  for the therapist.

Jade finish

Each piece is buffed out to a high gloss polish that vastly reduces surface friction.

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