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Oceans Art Jade

Most of the Jade available through Oceans Art Jade is hunted for and gathered from the ocean floor off the coast of Big Sur California. Additionally, we feature both Nephrite  jade from Alaska, Wyoming, Canada, Siberia and Jadeite from  Guatemala in our creations. In all cases, the jade is procured directly from the source in order to eliminate middle men and potential color enhancements. Oceans Art Jade wants every creation to be from untouched and naturally colored jade.

Jade Gallery Pieces
Jade Gallery Pieces

“Touch Stone” 

I have no idea why every person that approaches the Oceans Art Jade booth does so with an out stretched hand as if being drawn in by a “tractor beam” with a glassy gaze affixed on a particular stone. The customer’s short journey usually ends with one or 2 hands lovingly caressing the stone, a very common occurrence at a typical art show.

After seeing this “effect” hundreds of times (have experienced myself as well) it is still hard to put into words as to why it happens. Does the stone “call” to you? What is it? I still can’t explain it however, a saying someone once told me comes to mind that “you don’t find Jade, Jade finds you”.

None the less, the Jade loves the oils from human hands and humans love touching the Jade. Truly a “Touch Stone”


Greens and Olives are the most common colors however we have pieces that are Black, Grey,  and very, very rare White and Blue Jade. You can read more about “Vulcan” jade in the gallery but the rinds are yellow, orange, gold, red and brown with insanely complex and detailed patterns.

Types of finishes 

The finishes on all creations from Oceans Art Jade can be classified into 2 basic categories: Hand Polished (High Gloss) and Ocean Polished (Satin).

Hand Polished:

Hand polishing usually takes place on pieces that have been cut or those pieces that have an unsightly rind or skin on them. In these cases, each piece will be hand sanded/polished on a machine I made myself and buffed to a brilliant glass shine.

Hand polished pieces awaiting hole drilling as pendants


Ocean Polished:

Ocean Polished is my personal favorite finish. Knowing that the piece took approximately 70 million years to form and was polished entirely by the ocean absolutely blows my mind. The small nuances that accent each stone accompanied by that unbelievable satin finish is too much. One of a kind all the way and completely sculpted and created by the earth and ocean. Very, very rare and just breath taking.


This little beauty fits nicely in the palm of your hand. Affectionately known throughout the Big Sur Jade community as “The Egglet” it is considered among the most perfect ocean polished and highly colored pieces ever found.